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Traditional Festivals

June in Tolima is a synonymous of fun and popular festival that binds with religious fervor. In this era are exalted traditions and everybody dresses up with colorful costumes, in all the corners sanjuanero notes are heard, bambucos and pasillos and people dress with “rabo e´gallos, ponchos and hats” to enjoy the festivities. 

San Juan

It is the largest celebration of Tolima, and it is considered the official holiday. From the evening of June 23 to 25of june, Tolima is a unique party. The celebration begins with a dawn accompanied by musical bands, fireworks and the groups of matachin and myths.

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The festival is accompanied by corralejas bullfighting, popular reigns, parades of carriages and horse rides. This festival is celebrated with particular fervor in the municipalities of guamo, Ortega, Coyaima, natagaina and Valle de San juan.

Source: Book Folclore Tolimense, Tolima 7 días.

San Pedro

It is celebrated with greater emphasis in the town of Espinal, with 125 years of existence, the festival of San Pedro is the best way to culminate the June festival cycle in Tolima.

It is a space for music, bullfights, horseback riding, popular reigns, regional and national parades of floats, traditional fireworks and popular verbenas. 
To end the celebration, the traditional walk to the Caimanera pot is held, where traditional food is eaten.

Source: Book Folclore Tolimense, Tolima 7 días.

Colombian Folklore Festival

In June the activities of the Festival start and the 24th of this month there is Municipal Folklore Pageant, which begins with the parade of floats along the main streets of the city, where the queens accompanied by their retinues, musical groups and bands, shared with attendees and observers, it ends with the reign where the candidates also must run the Sanjuanero choreography very well, they must demonstrate skills for playing musical instruments. On the 25th, the regional Folklore Reign is performed; during which folk samples can be seen, a parade of the candidates wearing bathing suits, and the election and coronation of the state Queen. 


Source: Colombian Folk Festival and Folklore Book Tolima, Tolima 7 days

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