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History of Tolima

 History of Tolima

The state of Tolima was founded in the year 1908. The territory was inhabited before the arrival of the conquerors by indigenous groups like the “Panches”, and “Pijaos”, “Natagaimas”, who were extraordinary warriors who became extinct.


Sebastian de Belalcazar was the first conqueror to arrive in Tolima in 1538, and then other conquerors like Hernan Perez de Quesada, Andres Lopez de Galarza and Francisco Nunez de Pedroza arrived in the year of 1886 and created the state of Tolima, also known as "Tolima Grande".


Tolima Grande was divided in the state of Huila with most of the territory in Neiva and in 1908 with the rest of the former territory they created the state of Tolima, with its capital city Ibague.


Source: This is my Tolima “Tolima 7 days” Newspaper, 2004.